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Project Scope

    Discovery workshop

    Visual identity creation

    High definition prototyping

    User interface design

    Website & application build

    Hosting & maintenance

    Third party technology integration

    User testing

Sourced globally, grown locally: Market Buy is the ambitious marketplace providing a secure place for growers to connect directly with buyers of fresh produce on a global scale.

The insight

Conceived by James Mash, a sixth-generation wholesale green grocer, Market Buy addresses an age-old problem and therefore closes a market gap by speeding up the day-to-day trading of agri products globally, opening up new markets and customers to trade better with better returns, transparency, and security.

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It’s not uncommon for Growers across the globe to have an excess product or for buyers to be short on it. As a result, up to 40% of all fresh produce sold globally will not have a buyer at some point in the value chain.

This contributes to high volatility in market prices, work hours and missed commercial opportunities. James wanted a highly scalable digital platform to help eradicate this and stop waste in the industry.

Approximately 25% of all fresh products lost or wasted before they even get near consumers.

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One of a set of images in a grid
One of a set of images in a grid
One of a set of images in a grid

The challenge

At a time of fierce global competition, the distance between technical promise and genuine achievement is front of mind for a project that aims to revolutionise the marketplace.

We recognised that introducing technological change into an established industry presents a unique set of challenges that goes beyond the work of competent project administration. It requires an extra level of attention and support for successful take-up and implementation to happen.

We, therefore, adopted a dual role that both managed the technological change and served as technical developers and implementers.

The mobile-first solution had to be elegant and simple to enable users to add new products and bid on listings quickly.

The Marketbuy website as viewed on a mobile device

The Marketbuy website visual on an iPad

“ This was an incredibly exciting project for us, we were fully behind James’ vision and honoured to partner with him on the technical delivery as well as the developing the brand story.”

Kevin Davis, Creative Director, The Designlab

Our approach

Our shared vision was to build a product that would easily allow users to create profiles, manage inventory and upload detailed descriptive listings that provide specific information like logistic terms. In addition, we wanted users to track orders and pay securely through Escrow, a trustworthy and secure financial solution. We were fastidious in our approach, making sure that we understood the technical challenges, optimised the user experience, as well as conducting continuous testing to help direct and validate our rationale.

The Marketbuy homepage as viewed on an iPad

The Marketbuy product listing and detail pages on an iPad

The result

James' goal was to develop an idea he had for a long time. Our goal was to deliver not only a proof of concept but to provide James with an MVP that would be delivered within his bootstrapped budget. We delivered the confidence and product for James to seek out Series A funding to take MarketBuy to the next stage.

“I have been working with Designlab for the last year on a complicated B2B wholesale trading platform, since the first meeting I have felt that I was in good hands. They work as a team and I have daily contact with the team which has given me peace of mind that there is always someone on hand. I would not hesitate in recommending them in the future.”

James Mash, Founder, Marketbuy

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