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Project Scope

    Web strategy

    UX / UI design

    Brand strategy

Australia Post (APG) are global providers of cross border eCommerce logistics solutions to China, Europe, the USA, and Australia. They are the fastest-growing shipper of parcels from the UK’s leading eCommerce stores including ASOS, Wiggle, and Boohoo.

The insight

APG work with some of the world's most sophisticated online businesses and have to appeal to a discerning and advanced eCommerce consumer. In order to reflect their position as the leading cross-border logistics solution, and stay aligned with their client base, they needed a new user experience and user interface that matched.

The challenge

The main challenge for APG was that their customer-facing website scored high on functionality but needed a user experience to match. Australia Post needed to create a new digital presence that reflected their technology offering for APG eCommerce, the previous offering did not convey their status within their sector or the level of clients they were working with.

We were asked to create a series of creative images for use online and offline and also design the UI/UX and full prototyping of their new site, including a requirement to show real-time transparent parcel tracking to the user. We worked with their internal development team to offer guidance and feedback at key stages during the build.

Various image options for the APG tracking UI

Our approach

We worked closely with the team at APG at all stages of the process and drove the project forward so that they could capitalise on key marketing moments in the calendar - i.e Black Friday. We created a new design system for the website that placed the user journey at the center of the experience. We undertook a series of in-house stakeholder workshops and user testing trials to get to a solution that worked and built new functionalities that improved the user experience. For example, we created a parcel tracker that visualised a representation of the current global location of where a package is.

A flow diagram of the parcel tracking process

Designing for the people

We worked hand-in-hand with Australia Post to understand and plan the logic behind the application and ensure that it was clearly mapped out to ensure users' expectations and intentions were met.

Validation of the logic and pathways was both tested through user testing on simple low-definition wireframes, doing this at such an early stage provided us with some actionable insights that were extremely valuable. It also meant that we could iterate quickly and re-test for further validation.

We worked in an agile way to run user-testing on individual user stories on live prototypes to test, amend and validate based upon regular feedback. Australia Post had a tight set of brand guidelines to follow, which we worked with systematically in the final realisation.

Visuals for the APG tracking process on a mobile device

The result

The development team at Australia Post are now able to use the design system to continue to understand the visual language of the UI easily and apply this to any new functionality requirements.

This means that going forwards Australia Post are able to replicate the design system rapidly across any new UI components and elements consistently at scale.

Various HD wireframe components used for the new Figma tracking prototype.

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