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42T is a product design and technology innovation consultancy based in Cambridge, UK. Since 1998 they have helped customers solve complex engineering problems and develop innovative new products across the medical, consumer, industrial, and energy sectors.

The insight

We worked with leaders across the business, marketing, and management teams to collaboratively define a new brand and vision that articulates the business strategy. The key message was the passion directed towards 42T.

In every conversation, we spoke with engaged individuals who really cared about the work that they were involved in, both from an internal and external perspective. Clients wanted to understand more about skills, services, and stories. Employees wanted to know that their personal brand aligned with that of the business.

Some photos of the 42T staff members

The challenge

There were some concerns expressed from key customers around the lack of clarity as to what 42T stands for. It was also expressed that there were business opportunities being missed to cross and upsell down to the fact that people simply did not know the full range of specialised services offered.

Our approach

Many of the recommendations helped 42T resolve issues internally around the brand and what core skills they had, thus ensuring that the culture of the business was not lost and remained positive; which in turn we hope will allow the business to focus its efforts on growing its customer base and achieving positive growth in the medium and long term. We worked closely with the Marketing Manager, Adrian Stahl to help the business through the change, as they had not been through anything like this previously, and needed assuring about the transition, and the benefits programme.

Brand image describing 42T's values

Brand image " Collaboration + ingenuity = high-value innovation

Laboratory images

42T brand images
One of a set of images in a grid
One of a set of images in a grid
42T brochure

42T website visuals displayed on an iPad

42T website visuals displayed on an iPad

42T branding elements

42T Blue Wall Graphic

42T Pink Wall Graphic

42T Yellow Wall Graphic

The result

42T is a truly inspiring and innovative place - a business that puts clients and its people at the heart of everything it does. Lead by a strong management team and backed by solid processes, with a real commitment to clear, informative and positive communication, 42T has become a stronger, more focused, and recognised brand.

“We developed a visual brand that was more self-assured and confident in its own abilities and listed clearly their skills to all stakeholders. Our investigations showed us that clients did not know what 42T did - they were keen to give the business more work but were not aware of their full range of services. We created a confident, clean assured brand that will take them confidently into the future."

James Goodwyn, Head of Client Services

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