Remixing visual culture
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Remixing visual culture

Lately, we’ve been taking a closer look at current digital screen practices, GIF-making, and culture jamming.

Appropriation and ‘remixing’ have always been a part of (counter) cultural practices such as art and filmmaking, activism, and hacking. But these techniques are also used in advertising, marketing, and other corporate practices that operate within the attention economy.

With the boundaries blurring between art and advertising, creativity, and monetisation, we took a closer look at how digital corporations can interrupt the flow of attention productively and creatively the way a record producer might.

Remixes allow producers to stamp their style onto the original track and reinvent the original artist's creation. They also allow the producer to experiment, develop and enhance their sound, or even find a new one. Equally important is the fact that it enables the producer to broaden their audience. Remixing is not only for music but visual culture too. We invite you to explore a few of these different tools and their applications.

Meme Generator is a website that allows you to make a kind of meme known as an ‘image macro’ - usually a picture of a cartoon character or a still from a well-known film, with text on the top and bottom forming a joke or clever phrase. The site is an archive of user-generated memes (some good, mostly bad) and a meme-making tool. You can choose from already uploaded images to which you can add text or upload your image before adding text.

With Makeagif, you can make GIFs from uploaded pictures or videos, Youtube links, or using a webcam. Just like Meme Generator, Makeagif acts as an archive of user-generated GIFs and a way of making them.

Pixlr is an online image editor loosely modelled on Adobe’s Photoshop but completely free to use and operated from within your web browser. Use Pixlr to edit images before turning them into image macros and GIFs.

Giphy, also known as GIPHY, is an online database and search engine that allows users to search for and share short looping videos with no sound. These short looping videos resemble animated GIF files. GIFs are ideal for SEO and businesses who want to stand out from competitors.

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