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Catch up on the hidden life of the Starbucks mermaid and Breaking the speed limit by running? Only in Paris. Plus many more Inspirational Friday Fings!
Brightly coloured shapes on a black background

Image credit: designboom.com

An NFT anyone? Meet SOULS, the interactive collectable that dances and sings by SiA and David OReilly

Now we are not entirely sold on Crypto or NFTs (we might be eating our words in the future) but these look fun, thought it worth sharing.

Read about it here

Black and white photo of man running

Image credit: BETC - Distance

Breaking the speed limit... by running? Only in Paris.

French company, Distance, worked on a very interesting project that dared runners to break the new city-wide 30km speed limit throughout Paris.

See what the speed cameras captured

Peter Kay on the phone

Image credit: youtube.com

Something to make you LOL.

Arguably the best TV ads series from the last 20 years! "Ave it!"

Best of the John Smiths adverts

Starbucks cup with a decorative cut out

Image credit: boredpanda.com

Hidden life of the Starbucks mermaid

South Korean illustrator Soo Min Kim reinvents the iconic coffee cup with scenes and images known to most.

Explore the tiny world here

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Image credit: @BishopBronner

Comparison kills creativity

What more can we say...