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Household surrealism, 6 UX lessons you can learn on the toilet, plus more things we've had our beady eyes on this week!
Tim Berners-Lee

Image credit: thenextweb

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee's vision for the future of the web

Tim feels that the web has turned into more of a publishing tool rather than a space to solve problems, with information benefiting and supporting areas like medical research rather than companies misusing our data for unsolicited purposes.

Unfortunately the new Web3 and blockchain do not support this 'problem solving' approach.

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Pale blue background, egg shells with tomato cores, one egg cracked

Image credit: helga stentzel

Which came first, the chicken or the eggplant?

Russian born Helga Stentzel's art is about finding magic in the mundane, seeing beauty in imperfections and connecting to our reality in a new way.

Any way you slice it, the food we eat has moved pretty far from how nature intended it to be. We have built factories with living creatures as mere cogs, but maybe one day we will just grow what we need, eggs included.

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Birdseye view of open toilet, with a black and white floor

Image credit: creativebloq

6 UX lessons you can learn on the toilet

UX lessons can come from the most unlikely of places. After all, user experiences are all around us in every product we use. And that includes the bathroom...

Lesson # 1: Don't create problems.

Good design is meant to solve problems, yet sometimes design inadvertently creates the problem.

In the gents toilet at Brighton’s Dome Theatre a notice reads ‘This is a sink’...

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Building with IKEA sign and window

Image credit: contagious.com

Alternative advertising

To promote the recent opening of a new Toronto store, Ikea changed real homes into showrooms.

The 'home showrooms' were designed to look like their catalogue, down to the signage in the window calling attention to a particular product, showing its versatility and appropriateness within its setting.

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Desktop with 3d lego emoji icons

Image credit: logitech

Style over substance?

Pop Keys is part of Logitech’s new Studio Series line-up of cute computer accessories, alongside the Pop Mouse and Desk Mat.

However, it appears that this keyboard is an unsuccessful attempt to pair their typically solid functionality, like multiyear battery life and easy cross-device compatibility, with a cutesy TikTok-friendly aesthetic and novelties like keys dedicated to typing emojis.

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