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Read about Jubilee tributes from a robot, art that tell's evocative stories to highlight queer life, plus more stories to feast your eyes on!
Miniature cyclists, bright yellow Bath and back icon

Bath & Back

Only 1 day to go!

Kevin, James and Matt are taking part in the Bath & Back cycling event to raise money for The Camrose Centre Basingstoke, a drop-in centre for anyone who is sleeping rough, homeless or vulnerably housed within our borough.

The race is on to see who can complete the 160+ miles in the quickest time.

You can support their efforts and The Camrose Centre by donating below.

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Installation art by Chloe Chiasson

Image credit: Thomas Mueller, 2022

Artist Chloe Chiasson highlights queer life and visibility

Brooklyn based Chloe's style is unique, not least for the moody colour palettes and Western influences, but also in the construction.

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Road in Amsterdam

This week, Adam is 'driving' around Amsterdam

Our Junior Developer, Adam is very keen on visiting Amsterdam next year and decided to have a sneak peak via Drive & Listen.

The app offers virtual driving tours of some 40 cities all over the world whilst listening to the dulcet tones of local radio stations.

Which city would you like to drive around?

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Painting of the queen

Image credit: Ai-Da/PA, 2022

A jubilee tribute to the Queen... by a robot?

This portrait titled Algorithm Queen was painted by an ultra-realistic humanoid called Ai-Da Robot and unveiled ahead of the Platinum Jubilee.

Ai-Da Robot was built in 2019 and can create drawings, paintings, and sculptures. It uses cameras in its eyes and its computer memory, before using a variety of unique algorithms to paint, draw and abstract images.

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Hand holding a card with 'Ukraine' and a heart

Image credit: Clay Banks, 2022

Connecting citizens with the military

In peacetime, the Ukrainian app Diia was meant to be a central hub for citizens' interactions with their government, allowing someone to access their identity cards, pay their taxes,...

Now the country's Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched a new feature called E-Enemy, allowing any Ukrainian citizen to inform the army via chat bot when they spot Russian troops and infantry.

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Corona billboard on building in Brighton

Credit: Wieden+Kennedy

Corona channels the sunshine for its latest campaign

The “Corona Natural Billboard,” installed in Brighton, uses the sun’s rays to reveal the iconic bottle around the label.

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