Walls covered in Doodle Man art
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6 quick-fire questions with The Doodle Man

An eclectic character to say the least, Sam Cox, aka The Doodle Man, has committed himself not only to his art, but also to his brand.

We had a (very) quick chat with The Doodle Man about creativity…

1. What does creativity mean to you and how do you express it?

Creativity means making something new out of existing stuff, and I express that through doodling.

2. Do you think some people are born with more creativity than others? How can someone overcome this?

I think it’s just about confidence and a willingness to have fun.

3. Who inspires you most to develop your own creativity?


The Doodle Man’s inspiration

The Doodle Man’s inspiration — himself.

4. What’s the most creative environment you’ve been in?

A room in my old school where kids used to go if they got ill and couldn’t go to lessons.

5. Do you have a story of when you tried to be creative but maybe it didn’t end the way you had envisioned?

I drew on a piece of bread and it didn’t go very well.

6. How do you keep developing your creativity?

I don’t know, maybe it has stopped developing. I just doodle everyday.